About Marie Lee Handcrafted


Marie Lee Handcrafted is a premier brand of beautiful handmade modern patchwork quilts and inspired items.

Marie Lee Handcrafted is an American owned company. Our products are designed and distributed from our home office in South Carolina and sold in locations across the country.


"At first thought people don't seem to care that much about blankets, however, when designing a handmade quilt, they enjoy the possibilities of building heirlooms and giving personalized gifts that are meaningful through quilting."

As the founder of Marie Lee Handcrafted I take pleasure in designing personalized luxury quilts and gifts inspired by peoples stories and experiences. When someone decides to have a custom project designed and handmade, they have an intention to leave a distinct impression. Each of our products allow us the privilege to be a part of our customers journey in creating lasting memories for years and generations to come.